What’s In My Backpack?

What goes into your backpack when traveling can be very important. What you pack depends on a few things, but mostly your experience. After you’ve traveled a little bit you will learn what you can and cannot live without while away from home.

Here is a list of some items I can’t leave home without.

1.A backpack – The most obvious item of course. Make sure it’s a reliable one. Sure you can find some for $15-$20 but I would spend the extra money to ensure it won’t break during your travels. I personally went with North Face (bought on Amazon for $64).

2. A tooth brush and tooth paste, and other toiletries – I feel like a lot of people already do this as well, but I always carry toiletries in my backpack, especially a tooth brush and toothpaste. While traveling, it’s one of the first things I throw into my carry on. Trust me it saves lives. Especially if you miss a connecting flight and are stuck in an airport for 24+ hours (happened to me).

3. Travel documents – The single most important thing in my backpack. Imagine getting all the way to the airport only to realize you forgot your passport, sounds awful huh? Double and triple check you have all the appropriate travel documents needed for your trip. I will probably check 15+ times before I leave for the airport.

4. Travel journal –  If you’re like me this is another important item. I love writing on my down time while traveling. Whether it’s for a blog, to share with family or just for personal reference it’s fun to look back and read about that time you sat at a café drinking wine in Athens until 2AM or when you rented a paddle boat on Lake Lucerne. MOST IMPORTANTLY remember to pack a pen when you pack your journal, nothing is more annoying than boarding an 8 hour flight and realizing you don’t have one (the ones they give you in flight aren’t the best).

5. Camera and/or GoPro – Aside from writing down what you saw and what you did it’s always good to have a camera of some sort, even your phone, as visual proof. Even though (those who have traveled) can agree pictures don’t do a lot of justice. *Travel Tip taking a few pictures is great but don’t forget to actually enjoy what you are seeing! It’s easy to get caught up trying to take the perfect picture for Instagram (guilty) that you might look back and think “hmm that’s what the Swiss alps look like?” Remember to put the camera down for a few seconds though and really take in what’s around you.

6. A good read and travel guide – I always make sure I have a good book (usually a travel story) for long flights, train rides etc. which can be boring especially when you’re traveling solo. Again also good to have if you get stuck somewhere unexpectedly. I always carry a travel guide as well, especially when I’m going to a new place!

7. Portable charger, adapter and other cables – Always smart to have a portable charger and the cables to charge your devices on some down time. And again (I know I sound like a broken record) just incase you’re stuck somewhere it’s smart to keep an international adapter on you!

8. First Aid Kit – noting too crazy. Just some of the basics; band aids, advil, etc.

9. Water Bottle – this will save your life. Get a Brita water bottle with a filter so you can fill it up anywhere, you’ll thank me later (especially when you pass out after spending all day drinking at Oktoberfest and wake up completely parched).

10. Clothes – An extra pair of undergarments and an extra T-shirt are never bad things to have, especially for those long travel days.

And now you’re ready to go! Happy Travels 🙂

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