20 Gift Ideas For The Traveler In Your Life

I don’t know about you guys, but finding the perfect gifts for people has always been a struggle. And if you’re like me you probably wait until the last-minute, which doesn’t help the situation by any means. It’s hard to believe it, but the holiday’s and season of procrastination is right around the corner, so I decided to make a list of what I think are some fun and useful gift ideas for that special traveler in your life. The items range anywhere from $5 to $500 to fit all different budgets!

1. Coordinate Jewelry il_340x270-725856402_sr25

If you’re looking for a more personalized and sentimental gift, this is it! Eve’s Addiction is an easy to use site when it comes to customizing your jewelry. Once you have the jewelery and finish picked out simply enter the city or address and the coordinates will automatically generate for you!

2. Travel Inspired Wine Stopper 11145na-compass-bottle-stopper-ka-l

For that travel addict who also loves wine. Can be found on Amazon  for as low as $7

3. Globe decorating-with-globes

Perfect gift for someone who needs to add some travel inspiration to their home or office space. Purchase on Amazon here

4. Travel Decor Travel-Themed Gallery Wall

Because what traveler does not love some good travel inspired wall art. If you’re feeling creative DIY project ideas can be found on Pinterest, but if you’d rather purchase something Amazon has some good stuff!

5. Push Pin Map world-push-pin-map

A fun way for your traveler to keep track of where he/she has been. Adding a new pin will the best part of about coming home from a trip (besides sleeping in their own bed). Check out Push Pin Travel Maps for some pretty awesome designs, you can even customize the map by adding a small quote or the travelers name on a plaque! Right now save $10 off your purchase of $100 or more: Click Here

6. Scratch Map luscr

Another fun and less expensive way for your traveler to keep track of where they have been. Purchase here

7. Travel Books travel-reads

For those long flights, trains and bus rides, nothing beats a good travel book. For some ideas check out my previous post: 7 Travel Reads That Will Give You Major Wanderlust

8. Travel Journal 31a5382092413e66e4bf065dffbfefdc

You don’t need to be a professional writer to keep a travel journal. Whether they are into writing about their whole trip or little notes about a place, this is the perfect gift for your traveler to record memories to look back on. Purchase on Amazon here

9. Ticket Stub Diary ticket-stub-diary-book

For the traveler who keeps everything (guilty of this) now they have a place to keep important memories from their trips. Found on Amazon for around $12

10. Travel Guides travel-guides

Have an upcoming trip? This is the perfect gift to help your traveler learn about their destination. Lonely planet is my go-to when it comes to travel guides. They can be found at Barnes & Noble and Amazon

11. Luggage Tags gi-luggage-tags-large

Helps identify your things at baggage claim, and can also be useful in the event your bag is lost. Purchase on Amazon here

12. Passport Caseil_570xn-810491547_pahy

When traveling it’s important to make sure you have all your documents in order, here is where a passport case comes in handy. It’s important to get one that also protects your passport from skimming. Purchase on Amazon

13. Neck Pillow motionperformance

We all know how hard it can be to sleep while sitting up, and waking up with neck pain is never fun. A neck pillow will ensure your traveler to get some better rest on their next plane, train or bus ride. Purchase on Amazon

14. Quick Dry Towel 81pp9pcmjtl-_sl1500_

Save your traveler some money for beer by making sure they never have to rent a towel again. Quick drying, soft to the touch and takes up almost no space in a backpack or suitcase. Perfect for the beach or when staying in a hostel. Recommended size XL: Purchase on Amazon

15. Portable Charger 4212601_sd


Perfect for everyday use, but especially when traveling. Nothing is worse than your phone dying midday of sightseeing and it being your only camera. Purchase on Amazon

16. GoPro gopro-hero4

Perfect for photos and videos while traveling. GoPro’s are small and perfect for the traveler who packs light. Wide angles ensure you capture the most in your photos. Purchase the GoPro HERO4 Silver on Amazon for $279

17. GoPro Accessories aktdesc_943382918_00

When/if you purchase a GoPro all the accessories are sold separately. Amazon has some good accessory kits (purchased one here myself). Purchase here

18. Noise Cancellation Headphonesbose-soundlink-bluetooth-on-ear-headphone-product-photos07

A little more expensive than your average headphones, but a good investment. Say goodbye to the crying baby or talkative seat-mate on your long haul flight (also sold in ear buds). Purchase from Bose here

19. Travel Cord Roll24632

Traveling with electronics can get a little messy. Help keep your travelers bag organized with this awesome cord roll. Purchase from Brouk and Co for $20

20. Airline Miles/Gift Cards


For the traveler who has everything. You can’t go wrong with the gift of airline miles or a gift card, help them get one step closer to their next trip!

Happy Holidays!!! 
XX Lauren 



Was this list helpful? Did I miss anything? Comment below 🙂

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