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I believe the less you spend on accommodation the better and I’m usually the first one to pick the cheapest hostel, but lately it’s been all about the Airbnb’s. Many of you have reached out to me about my recent experience with Airbnb on my trip to Thailand, so I’ve decided to share my personal opinion, as well the link to each place for those of you headed to the land of smiles.

Chiang Mai 

When choosing accommodation for Chiang Mai the first thing I thought was – nature. I wanted to feel close with the outdoors and mountain ranges of Northern Thailand. After looking at a few options I came across what turned out to be one of my best Airbnb experiences. It would be my first time in Thailand and Asia in general so we decided to just rent a private room, it was important to have a host who could give us some guidance. Bianca, her husband Lee, and almost one year old son Finn welcomed us with open arms (and fresh fruit)! The place itself was amazing, an open air space with hammocks and yoga mats, exactly what we were looking for, but what was even better was the new friendship we formed with the family. They were so easy-going, we even hung out one night just sharing travel stories for hours. Bianca and Lee were extremely helpful from restaurant suggestions to picking us up when we were lost in the woods in the middle of the night. The ONLY negative about the place was that it was a little far from everything and sometimes it was difficult to find transportation, especially later at night, but Bianca was really helpful with arranging taxis. In the end I was completely satisfied with my stay and was actually sad to leave. If you’re headed to Chiang Mai I would 1000% recommend a stay here! Check availability and book here

Rawai, Phuket

Chiang Mai may have been my favorite, but there is no denying the beaches in Thailand are anything less than incredible. We would be celebrating my birthday in Thailand so I decided to #treatmyself by renting a beach house in Phuket, a little more than I would usually spend, but totally worth it. When we first decided on the beach house I hadn’t really read up much on Phuket and the different places to stay. Rawai was awesome and had beautiful beaches, but to me it felt more like a resort/honeymoon spot. Which is fine, but I would be celebrating my 23rd birthday and I wanted a place where it was acceptable to be out until 4 am and unfortunately this was not it. If you’re looking for a place to rage that would be Patong beach, where we stayed our first night (to save a little cash) and that set the party bar pretty high. If you decide to stay in Patong check out Bodega hostel – cheap rooms, strong drinks and great company. With all that being said I am still glad we stayed in Rawai because it gave me a chance to explore a different part of Phuket I would not have otherwise, and Patong was still only a short (and cheap) 25-30 minute cab ride away. The 2 bedroom 3 bath house had an open floor concept downstairs with a full living room and kitchen – the best part was the private pool right off the living room! Oh and the private entrance to the beach wasn’t so bad either. This place would be perfect for a family of four or couples traveling together! Check availability and book here


After spending time relaxing in Chiang Mai and at the beach it was time to head to the busy city of Bangkok. I decided to keep the birthday spirit alive and treat myself to another nice and slightly more expensive place than I would normally stay at. When I say expensive, I mean South East Asia expensive. In a place where you can find a hostel for less than a cost of a drink, spending $90 per night on a room means luxury (and no shared bathroom). The view from the penthouse is what caught my eye, but Andreas was an amazing host. He worked with us on our late check-in, and even though he had somewhere to be he still took the time to show us around the place and explain how everything worked. The building was very secure, which is comforting when staying in a big city, and the place itself was very nice and clean. It was a perfect location not far from the skytrain to the airport and close to nightlife and some good restaurants. And for those of you who can’t live without it, like myself, Starbuck’s is right across the street! If you’re heading to Bangkok I would recommend checking this place out. Check availability and book here

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Happy Travels!


**This post is purely based on my personal opinions. In no way have I received or will be receiving payment from Airbnb or the listings in this article**


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