How To Get Better Instagram Photos (3 Photo Editing Apps You NEED)

Unlike many bloggers I do not own a professional camera, in fact I wouldn’t even know what to do with it nor could I afford one. While traveling I use my GoPro and iPhone to take my photos so I rely heavily on editing apps. I’ve been asked the question several times –  so here it is. Here are the apps I use and consider to be the best when trying to make your iPhone photos look a little more like they came off a fancy camera.

1. VSCOCAM – Free

Super easy to use, as it does all the hard work of editing for you. My personal favorite is the F2 filter, but there are a several others to choose from.

      Before                                                     After 

2. SNAPSEED – Free

An important feature on snapseed is that it allows you to edit parts of the photo that require color correction instead of changing the whole photo using a simple filter. It requires a little more time than some editing apps, but that’s what makes it so fun. It’s incredibly effective for iPhoneographers like myself, best part is it’s free!

      Before                                                After

3. FACETUNE – $3.99

It’s not the app you’re going to edit the lighting or saturation, but if you need to whiten your teeth or remove an unwanted object from your photo – this is the app. It’s like a less intense version of photoshop. I’m not usually one to pay for apps, but this one was definitely worth the four dollars.

 Before                                             After


It’s important for you to know that aside from these apps a lot of my editing is done in the Instagram app itself. Before you go adding a filter try using some of the tools provided in the app. Mess with the brightness and saturation to create more vivid colors in your photo. You might surprise yourself.

 Before                                                     After 

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